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President, NBPC

A man with strict discipline – an administrator he was – but his photographic personality is just the opposite. His mansion is more a  farm house than a real house, but the harvest is photography.

Read More: Ratan Chandra Karmakar

Secretary, NBPC

A businessman as well as a passionate camera enthusiast. He loves taking pictures of anything living in the lap of nature. This ever-jovial and helpful person is our strength in materializing many decisions especially in our toddling years. 

Read More: Debrabrata Bhattacharjee

Treasurer, NBPC

A gifted teacher, but in heart he is a real photographer. When nature becomes teacher to a teacher the result is some unique nature photography. 
Read More: Santanu Ranjan Guha

Vice President, NBPC

Teacher by profession, this level-headed young photo-enthusiast believes in sincerity and taking responsibility. Besides being inclined to photojournalism as a special interest, he has also immense passion for travelling.

Read More: Sabyasachi Gupta

Asst. Secretary, NBPC

A passionate, hardcore trekker and a dedicated amateur photographer, he always keeps his bag ready for stepping out. Through the lens , by the lens and behind the lens this ever- jovial and energetic guy gels his basic needs of life.

Read More: Niladri Sinha

Asst. Treasurer, NBPC

A perfect blend of enthusiasm and artistic nature- this ever-smiling guy is keenly interested in Pictorial photography. He always strives to tell a story through his single frame portraying the colour of life.

Read More: Samrat Dasgupta

Member, NBPC (Website In-charge)

A brilliant student and a very honest and successful businessman in his professional life, he loves being sincere to every aspect of life. Photography is his passion. His enthusiasm in clicking the shutter drives him to travel in various areas where layman dares.

Read More: Shuvashis Saha

Member, NBPC

A teacher by profession, he is passionate about photography.  Although macro photography is his forte, he is no less interested in other branches also. His photographic acumen along with his amicable nature makes him an endearing character capable of inducing interest in photography.
Read More: Amitava Das

Advisory Committee Member, NBPC

He is the motivating force in the club. An I.A.A.D. as he is, somehow, he manages time to have a ‘click’ on the camera. This workaholic repertoire of camera and products has always managed  to blend his profession and passion in a superb way.
Read More: Basudeb K Chakraborty

Member, NBPC

An Assistant Field Director of Forest Dept. in North Bengal, he is passionate about Nature photography. Injecting positive vibes among members is speciality of this amiable personality.
Read More: Apurba Sen

Hon. Member, Advisory Committee, NBPC NBPC

An able and supportive administrative officer - the DFO of North Dinajpur - he loves Photography and is always responsive to concerns needed immediate attention.

Member, NBPC

A renowned Doctor by profession he forgets everything when he diagnoses nature through his camera lens. Beside his packed schedule throughout the day, this energetic person with terrific sense of humour somehow manages to escape for a photographic trip
Read More: Dr. Shekhar Bandyopadhyay

Member, NBPC

Painting, miming, acting photographing –think of this combination. This many-in-one personality has presently devoted himself completely in the art of photography. Photography for him is an imitation, not a true reproduction.
Read More: Jhulan Mahanta

Hon. Member, NBPC

A teacher by profession – he treads effortlessly in painting, designing and of course in photography, both still and movie. His energy, exuberance and above all the enviable mastery over anything he deals in  make him stand apart from the ordinary.
Read More: Subrata Kar

Member, NBPC

A young man with indomitable passion for photography and love for nature with a keen interest  in  birds of North Bengal -  he relentlessly attends bird watching camps. In addition to it, long bike riding in the terrain of Himalaya always drive him out of home. His proficiency in self-made cuisines is envy of any renowned chef.
Read More: Shuvabrata Sikdar

Member, NBPC

Think of the compound – ‘photographer-mountaineer’ –yes, he is so. He loves to climb as well as click the rocky mountain.
Read More: Ganesh Sarkar

Member, NBPC

A cool and confident young Indian Railway employee with a very good sense of humour ,he loves to play with camera taking time out of his busy schedule. In any group activity his charismatic presence is just like the icing on the cake.
Read More: Subhasish Karmakar

Member, NBPC

Working as a photographer of a leading Bengali News channel this very young boy has a distinctive photographic eye. Blending his passion and profession with aplomb, he often entertains us with Tabla and Santoor.
Read More: Vivekanda Sarkar

Member, NBPC

This very supportive and passionate character is one of the driving forces of our club. Despite a very tight schedule of profession he always have time to attend any occasions of our club, related with photography
Read More: Ramprasad Pramanik

Member, NBPC

A WBCS officer, currently posted in South Bengal – a man of strict principle is passionate about nature photography. This gentleman with amazing tenacity is now busy experimenting with other fields of photo-art.
Read More: Dibyendu...

Member, NBPC

A successful businessman with his profound interest in photography is ever ready with kits to set his foot in various parts of our country- the reason, photography only.
Read More: Goutam K Dutta

Member, NBPC

An introvert with an always- learning mode  has an intractable inclination towards macro and abstract photography. His intensity in pursuing his goal distinguishes him as an inspired student of photo-art.
Read More: Soumya Kamal Guha

Member, NBPC

A teacher by profession, he likes roaming about with his friends and taking pictures wherever his eyes design a frame. This imaginative guy always tries to add drama to his picture frames.
Read More: Biswajit Mohanta

Member, NBPC

A very serious person, be in his profession as a teacher or in pursuing the intricacies of photo-art- this ever enthusiastic and jovial person is never tired of giving his 100%.
Read More: Koushik Moitra

Member, NBPC

A business analyst in an Investment Bank in Hongkong, this Raiganj-born talented guy shares our dais because of his sheer love of photography. Besides being a fabulous cook & wanderer of weird places, he loves experimenting with his photo-equipments.
Read More: Raja Mohanta

Member, NBPC

A very soft-spoken, thoughtful young man – he is an outstanding painter. He has stepped into the arena of photography with his distinctive artistic insight and the result is sheer visual poetry.
Read More: Animesh Das

Member, NBPC

Despite being a very affectionate teacher for small children, he always manages time to click a frame. Nature and  different shades of  human features stir him to arrest the fleeting moments. He’s a painter;  his ideas, his framing have always a touch of his artistic self.
Read More: Goutam Biswas

Member, NBPC

A good student of college level and also of photography , this loving boy is an avid learner. His dedication and determination in executing himself as a budding photographer is remarkably enviable.
Read More: Pratik Sanyal

Member, NBPC

Still at the middle of college education this intensely enthusiastic chap is madly in love with photography. Nature and wildlife photography tickles him more than anything else.
Read More: Kalyan Banerjee
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